March 2023

How to enter the BIOS on any Windows PC


Getting into the BIOS of a Windows PC is something I am usually doing because there's a problem. I want to select a different boot drive or enable USB drive for booting, or I want to check some configuration or disable another. And sometimes, the key combination to get to [...]

How to enter the BIOS on any Windows PC2024-02-02T03:46:05+00:00

Windows WiFi Driver Errors


What do you do when Windows gives you an error saying there's a problem with your WiFi card driver or the WiFi just stops working suddenly but it works for your other devices? This issue, in my experience, is typically caused by a Windows update that installs a new, Microsoft-provided [...]

Windows WiFi Driver Errors2023-07-14T03:36:32+00:00
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