Our Story

Hi, I’m Marc Jacobson, the founder and Chief Technologist at Sky 2 Technology. In 2020, when the pandemic hit, I was working for a large multi-national tech company. As friends and family started to rely more and more on home technology, they often came to me for support. I realized I’d much rather help people get the most from their home tech, and that I enjoyed providing solutions for people more than being a cog in a giant corporation. I love helping people, and I love solving problems and fixing things, so I started Sky 2 Technology with the goal to improve the lives of everyday people through home technology. My 25+ years experience working across the IT industry means I have the expertise and background to provide you with robust, professional solutions that meet your needs.

Our Core Values

Here are 3 of our guiding principles that we think you’ll appreciate.


We aim to provide the highest level of service to our clients in everything we do, from the moment you first reach out to us to the moment the project is complete and beyond. If you don’t experience excellence in our work, we’ll make it right.


We complete the work we agree to do in a timely manner. If we’re not able to complete the project, you don’t pay. If you’re not happy with our work, and we can’t fix it to your satisfaction, you don’t pay. Period. No questions. No arguments. No hard feelings.


We only accept work we can complete, and we’ll tell you if there’s someone better for your job. And the price we give you up front is the price you pay. No surprises after the job is done.

The Sky 2 Guarantee

Our guarantee to you: If you’re not happy with the work we do, and we can’t fix it to your satisfaction, then the work is free. If we can’t resolve your tech support issue, for any reason, there’s no charge. Why would we charge you if we didn’t solve your problem?

That’s our guarantee to you. No questions. No arguments. No hard feelings.