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How to enter the BIOS on any Windows PC

Getting into the BIOS of a Windows PC is something I am usually doing because there's a problem. I want to select a different boot drive or enable USB drive for booting, or I want to check some configuration or disable another. And sometimes, the key combination to get to the BIOS is a mystery. Unless you're using a Dell, where the BIOS entry key has been F2 since time began, you're probably going to be guessing. So, I've decided [...]

March 19, 2023|Tips, Windows|

Why your iMac is so slow

So you have an iMac 2015 or 2017 or even 2019 (or 2013) and for some reason the computer has recently started to slow down. It was working fine for months or years, but for a while it seems like it takes longer to start up, longer to load programs, longer to do everything, and you've started to see that now terrifying swirling ball of color that means the system is taking longer than expected to complete it's task. Unfortunately, [...]

March 14, 2023|Hardware, Mac, Troubleshooting|

Windows WiFi Driver Errors

What do you do when Windows gives you an error saying there's a problem with your WiFi card driver or the WiFi just stops working suddenly but it works for your other devices? This issue, in my experience, is typically caused by a Windows update that installs a new, Microsoft-provided wifi/bluetooth driver. Notice, I italicized Microsoft-provided, because this is the problem. Microsoft Windows is installed on millions (billions? trillions?) of computers worldwide with countless variations in hardware configuration, but actually a [...]

March 12, 2023|Tips, Wifi, Windows|
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